A Note From Tom Gorton of Edgemont

Our vision for Edgemont Meadows is in many ways a reflection of our amazing Durango community. Almost 30 years ago, I was drawn to Durango for its expansive views, mountains, rivers, heritage, open space, small town college, and ski mountain. The biggest draw was the feeling that this was a real town…for real people. There was no pretense. There was a community-wide appreciation for all there is here to live and enjoy.

We wanted Edgemont Meadows (and Edgemont Highlands before it) to reflect the same values as our community. We envisioned the original approved plan to reflect that vision. What was once a plan for a golf course became open space. Fairways became hiking trails. A planned retail center became a community lodge. We cut the original density to about one third of what was approved, and we made sure that every lot would have direct access to our system of hiking trails and open space.

This new vision has also allowed us to leave a much smaller footprint on the land. Any thoughtful development starts with a careful study of, and familiarity with, the nature and contours of the land. We worked closely with Jeff Zimmerman, a renowned land planner, with Design Workshop in Denver to make sure our roads followed natural contours and minimized “imposing” roads in the land. Our other environmental efforts have included doing fire mitigation tree thinning with horses, milling bigger trees on site to use in the construction of the Mail room and some home elements, and perhaps most importantly crushing rock onsite to use as road base to avoid hauling rock out and in. Our architectural and landscaping requirements specify that homes fit with natural grades and that landscaping is consistent with low water usage and more native plantings. We collected over 100 plant species on the site and developed our own seed mix for re-vegetation. All of these efforts reflect a commitment to a thoughtful and sustainable community.

Really…our community is an open invitation to interact with all the beauty of the natural surroundings. Miles of hiking trails with direct access from your front or back yard. Take your fishing pole and hike (or drive) to our mile of hiking/fishing along a spectacular stretch of the Florida River that is protected by over 140 acre Scenic Easement. Have a family gathering at our Community Picnic Grounds. Or just sit on the porch and enjoy the views and solitude. We want to keep it simple and uncluttered. Like all of us who have “discovered” Durango over the years, and those who will “discover” Edgemont Meadows, all is good here. Let’s get out and enjoy it!

Since 1915

The history of Edgemont goes back in time…but the simple ways of enjoying nature, hard work, caring for the land and our neighbors remains with today’s Edgemont Meadows. We are mindful that what we’ve learned from the past, we should carry into the future.

original edgemont meadows ranch
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Justin Osborn

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